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Thomas Friedman‘s view on the appalling situation in Afghanistan provides valuable insights. Besides his piece below is an earlier useful piece on ‘the morning after the morning after’ –

While very few people have an insiders view of the withdrawal operations that have led to the distressing unfolding humanitarian crisis, for people interested in #crisiscommunications there are valuable lessons.

So far, the US appears to have given us another what-not-to-do lesson: all reacting after the event, sans strategy. The Australian Government also appears to be suffering another ‘Oops, we hadn’t expected that!’ moment. No evidence of ‘best case, worst case’ planning sessions, which would have plainly spelt out to the politicians and the generals what might be ahead.

And there will be a further learning experience, almost certainly even more distressing, watching the Taliban2021.

Three People, I Would Interview About Afghanistan News Article, The New York Times.

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