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I’m advising a board wrestling with a restructure in the face of rapid change, plus growth:

I’m comparing it with organisations that recently failed to meet changing customer expectations – and as a consequence failed/are failing as an organisation.

What are the warning signs? Is it a lack of board level undertanding of marketing and  the components of growth; or failure to understand the pattern of disruptive innovations? Is it a flawed habit of filling a board with people with yesterday’s expertise?

If we’re recommending to a current board struggling with change, I’m interested in where current approaches fail?success-next-exit-150x150

Examples in Australia: Drinkwise was a alcohol-awarenes campaign aimed at the youth market – and mainly missed. David Jones needed to grow online, and didn’t. Fairfax needed a new direction, and stayed the course. Some universities are heading down the same path as newspapers. The same could be said for a whole raft of Australian manufacturers.

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