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Three amazing events last week:
– Twitter’s live streaming app, Periscope, launched – March 26
– Netflix and cut price on-demand TV launched – March 24
– Announcement that Facebook collaborates with NYT – March 23

If you’re sitting in the C-suite of TV stations, you’re wondering, ‘What’ll happen next to make my work harder?’


Traditional media struggling to keep up

Periscope has the potential to re-engineer news gathering. Simply download it to your iPhone. As I’m writing, Mashable is live streaming a US fashion expert, once the domain of morning TV and the like. It’s one step closer  to making a newsroom a re-broadcaster of other people’s news. A massive change management dilemma.

Netflix and others are going to take a giant bite into existing TV audiences and dramatically change viewing habits in many homes.

NYT and Facebook’s collaboration, taking yet more eyeballs out of the lounge room, giving that great newspaper increased penetration into the (so far unreachable) digital-native market, and giving Facebook access to highbrow content.

What next?

For starters, it’s going to create more fascinating competitive innovation from the frontrunners in the ever faster race for audience hearts and minds.

As well, it will mean more opportunities for companies that provide content, TV programs, news and entertainment, with these innovators looking for exciting new programs.

It will bring e-games one step closer to becoming main stream.

And it will mean chop-chop for a host of start-ups that just aren’t nimble or cashed up enough to stay ahead. Plus, it will mean curtains for yet more traditional producers, along with TV and newspapers: radio stations, camera companies, stationers, post offices, telcos and more. Change management nightmare!

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