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The below link takes you to a McKinsey Quarterly report  –  one of the early reports (Nov 2011) that is now a chorus of high level documents that show a link between social media and sales. They throw increasing doubt on the veracity of people who have so loudly claimed that eCommerce is not viable.

A more recent and easier to read report, by The Economist Intelligence Unit, showing some similar results is here.

The McKinsey report summarises with three important observations that will impact the thinking of CEOs:

• Fully networked organizations realize competitive gains and performance improvements.
Senior executives should think strategically about how social technologies can support
business processes….
• Don’t rest on any laurels: competition will increase…  ….many companies categorized as networked organizations last year slipped to a lower rung this year (due to the competition gearing up).
• Companies should prepare for more disruptions. Social media gets more hectic tomorrow, not less

111101 McKinsey Report – How social technologies are extending the organisation

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