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What does the future of journalism in Australia look like? The disruption to journalism in the next twenty years will likely be greater than we’ve seen in the last twenty. The #FutureofJournalism series explores our options.

If we don’t know where we are heading, how can we create a pathway to get there? The Alliance for Journalists’ Freedom, in this fortnightly series, interviews leading thinkers on this from around the world.

A voluntary certification program for journalists in Australia has taken a major step forward with a collaboration by The Ethics Centre and the Alliance for Journalists’​ Freedom to develop the proposal. This follows the AJF proposing such a scheme in November last year.

On this #worldpressfreedomday, we invite conversations from our peers, #journalists#lawyers#politicians and others about developing such a scheme.

Here, Dr Simon Longstaff AO FCPA FRSN FARPI, Executive Director of The Ethics Centre and Peter Wilkinson, Chair of the AJF, discuss the future of journalism, the voluntary #journalistscertification plan, and the proposed #MediaFreedomAct.

#journalist #journalism #auspol #abcnews #Nine #News (The #FutureofJournalism interviews are created by the Alliance for Journalists’​ Freedom in Australia. Catch the podcast on Spotify and the video-series on the AJF website and YouTube)

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