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What does the future of journalism in Australia look like? The disruption to journalism in the next twenty years will likely be greater than we’ve seen in the last twenty. The #FutureofJournalism series explores our options.

If we don’t know where we are heading, how can we create a pathway to get there? The Alliance for Journalists’ Freedom, in this fortnightly series, interviews leading thinkers on this from around the world.

Piers Grove is best known as the publisher of the satirical Betoota Advocate. He also publishes The Daily Aus.

In this second interview in the series, Grove sees the younger audience deserting the current publishers which are weighed down by legacy issues, and the emergence of new niche publications catering for specific audiences, possibly coming and going dynamically as the audience, used to change, finds new ways of sourcing information. He is also against the current moves by the ACCC to force the digital giants, Google and Facebook, to pay publishers for content.

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