Investor Relations & Financial PR

We recognise that we're currently living through a particularly difficult communications era.

Nimbleness is essential, as is hard-won experience: that is what we deliver.

The biggest current issue facing listed companies and those preparing for an IPO is balancing shareholder needs against ASX requirements of good governance and compliance. The burden on rapid growth start-ups can be particularly onerous.

For private companies looking for capital, or listed companies engaging with their shareholders, it has never been as important to cut through the cacophony of the financial markets. Responsive communications that engage investors while navigating the compliance hurdles of a more demanding regulator, are increasingly a ticket to play.

Our approach is strategic, with an ability to respond to short-term issues with an eye to long-term sustainability.

We consider ourselves as part of your team, either to support your corporate affairs person(s), or advising the CEO and board.

Our specialist team has specific experience in:

  • Shareholder relations
  • Crisis & Issues management
  • Board governance
  • Hostile takeovers
  • Mergers & Acquisitions and other complex stakeholder engagements
  • IPOs
  • Negative media and stakeholder perceptions
  • Investor roadshows
  • Corporate compliance
  • ASX requirements
  • Financial Results
  • Executive and board profiling
  • Positioning the brand
Vessa Playfair

Vessa Playfair

Vessa (BEco, SydU) has over 30 years experience working in the financial sector, including 16 as head of corporate affairs at Deloitte Australia.

Besides her skills in FinPR and Investor Relations, she has a wealth of experience in corporate affairs, media relations, government relations and the development of thought-leadership programs that build eminence and profile among C-suite, Business Associations and Government leaders.

Her skills in reputation management include crisis and issue management and the provision of leadership communications at a national and global level.

Nick Albrow

Nick Albrow

Nick develops strategies to establish, enhance and protect clients’ reputations.

With extensive experience managing media relations for organisations in Australia and the UK, he is acutely aware of the impact external voices can have on a business’ performance.

As well as successfully developing and executing positive PR campaigns for clients, including ASX and FTSE listed firms, he has advised on communications around M&As, major project announcements, and highly sensitive issues.

Peter Wilkinson

Peter Wilkinson

Peter brings oversight and strategy to the team.

He’s worked on a variety of projects in the financial, venture capital and investor relations sectors, from start-ups, to large organisations.

He’s familiar with issues to do with reputation and good governance, with challenges associated with rapid growth, and the risks associated with becoming a ‘market darling.’

Peter regularly works with companies that have been strongly criticised in the media.