Whether you need one-off media advice, or ongoing communications strategy – we can help.

Media Strategy

Even seasoned PR practitioners often only think tactically instead of strategically. Yet there’s little point in perfectly executing the wrong media strategy.

An effective media engagement program starts and ends with a solid strategy, albeit one that’s able to adapt to changes in your environment. It’s vital that your media strategy aligns with your organisation’s strategic objectives, and is ideally measured by the same outcomes as the rest of your organisation. The tactics that underpin an effective strategy are also reviewed in light of results and tweaked accordingly.

It’s also important that your media engagement strategy is media agnostic: that it considers traditional, social and digital platforms objectively, with an eye on the target audience and another on the desired outcome. More often than not most strategies call for an integrated approach across multiple channels, sometimes supported with paid media.

Wilkinson Butler’s media strategies are based on decades of combined experience. We’re also accustomed to working closely with research agencies for highly targeted, data-driven strategies.

Underpinning all our strategic work is one of our key, highly-valued team behaviours – creativity. We’ll help you stand out in an increasingly noisy and crowded landscape.

Media Engagement

We’re able to provide support and guidance with all your media relations needs, including:

  • Development of newsworthy story angles
  • Writing media releases and content
  • Identification of key media targets
  • Engagement with and pitching to journalists
  • Media training of key staff

Our team maintains working relationships with a diverse range of journalists across Australia’s leading mastheads. Additionally, with the constant movement of journalists throughout the media, we’re able to quickly establish and grow new relationships with journalists.

Wilkinson Butler’s approach to media engagement is based in empathy and an understanding of the day-to-day pressures of journalists, editors and producers. With decades of experience on the journalists’ side of the desk, we get it.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool to assist with marketing, lead generation, sales and reputation protection.

Engaging with your customer base on social media is crucial for long-term sustained brand positioning and customer engagement. To fully realise its full potential however, your social media goals must align with your strategic objectives, your broader communications, and the culture of your organisation.

We have expertise across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WeChat.

Content Creation

Whether it is visual or written content, Wilkinson Butler’s team can work to tight deadlines to provide you with polished, engaging video, imagery, infographics and a variety of other collateral that is ready to go to media or be posted online.

Wilkinson Butler also has a varied base of writers, able to produce engaging content across varied audiences.

Integrated Campaigns

Wilkinson Butler is expert at running integrated campaigns across traditional, social and digital media combined with events and on the ground media, producing high-profile persuasive campaigns that get results.

Consistency is key when it comes to your campaign strategy. At Wilkinson Butler, we’ll make sure that all your communication is cohesive and impactful. Our strategies and executions will be adjusted to fit a platform, media or situation, but will all fit into the bigger picture.