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 MOOCs 3We’ve now introduced a program in which every staff member is required to undertake a ‘MOOC’ annually as part of their structured learning program. Has anyone else had experience in this?

To us, using good quality MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) as a way of up-skilling individual staff is a no-brainer. And, if a group of employees do the same course, say, a marketing course, all the better, as the increased wisdom of the group becomes greater than the parts.

The Wall Street Journal has just written about this as a trend (‘Corporate Training Gets an Online Refresh‘), and a new way oMOOCs 1f engaging staff in training programs:
“… companies say they are eager to shake up their employee training regimens after tiring of staid videos, time-consuming lectures and costly off-site classes for top executives. They want inexpensive, easy-to-scale and convenient instruction, all of which MOOCs can offer. 

MOOCS 2There are, of course, potential additional benefits, such as using carefully selected MOOCs to assist with change management – culture change, leadership training, transitioning to a social/digital environment, increasing focus on customers, and more.

I’m interested in others’ feedback – what do you think?

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