Peter Wilkinson

Peter Wilkinson


As a Crisis PR expert, over the last 18+ years, Peter has achieved successful outcomes in many sectors including pollution spills, extortion and blackmail threats, sexual abuse/harassment, fires/explosions, industry restructures, court cases and royal commissions, product recalls, a food poisoning, mergers and acquisitions and countering or creating activist campaigns.

He is chair of Wilkinson Butler and Managing Director of Wilkinson Group. Wilkinson Group provides crisis communications advice.

Peter is Chair of the Alliance for Journalists’ Freedom, advocating for media freedom in Australia and Asia.

He is also the former chair of the Global Communications Alliance, an organisation of corporate and public affairs agencies that specialise in crisis.

He is past regional president (Asia/Pacific) of IPREX, one of the world’s global largest PR corporations.

Peter was one of Australia’s most respected journalists with over 30 years working on programs including the ABC’s This Day Tonight and Four Corners, and then Channel Nine’s ACA and 60 Minutes.

Peter co-founded the Wilkinson Group with Claire Wilkinson in 2002 after anticipating the disruptive impact of the Internet on television.

In mid-2013 Peter and Claire sold much of the business to employees who set up Wilkinson Butler (then Etched Communications), which Peter later joined as Chair.

He has been a member of four industry task forces, strengthening relationships between industry and government.

  • Fascination in comms across almost all sectors
  • Strategic design
  • International communications via the Global Communications Alliance
  • The roles and responsibilities of a ‘free press’ in a democracy
  • Crisis and issues management
  • Risk Management
  • Leadership support
  • Governance
  • Writing (once a journo, always…)