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Universities are now offering free online courses (MOOCs). This is wonderful for public relations practitioners, and for clever andpublic relations nimble universities these present huge opportunities. For the losers who fail to keep ahead of the change it means the slow death of campuses and consequent unemployment.

But this change gets more interesting!

Public Relations – 1,000 hours to retrain

The rate of change in jobs is now so fast that there is a trio of authors suggesting we should all have a second interest, one that prepares us for our next job. More, they say we need to spend 1,000 hours retraining to prepare us.

The point here isn’t the demise of some universities but that there are top universities around the world wanting you to upskill online with them – ‘spend that 1,000 hours with us’.

So, do you need to start down that 1,000 hour path? Where were you planning to go for your next holiday? Harvard? Berkeley? Cambridge? Shanghai?


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