What have we learnt about working from home? The Australian fantasy – working at the beach – may now, for many, be a reality! Being abruptly disrupted out of the 9-5, five days a week routine will probably throw up unexpected changes, longer-term.

A CBRE survey (https://bit.ly/3kLVFOU) of 10,000 people in 32 companies across 18 countries, including Australia found:
– 85% preferred working-from-home at least two to three days a week.
– More than 90% said that they think working-from-home is “about the same” or more productive.
– The top benefits of the office are team connections, collaboration, and access to services: IT, meeting spaces, etc.

Liam Cox and Peter Wilkinson discuss a structured approach to ensuring an organisation can function as well if not better, when staff are working-from-home.

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Whether you need immediate short-term crisis support, or sustained help over the long term, we can help.

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In addition to helping you with the above, our services can include:

Crisis Management

Crisis communications is a skill built on experience. We give guidance to boards and leadership teams, and are available 24/7.

Internal and external communications

Where required, separate strategies might need to be developed for engaging with the board, leadership team, staff, customers, clients, suppliers, shareholders, communities and the three tiers of government. This may extend to the international community. Tactics include:

  • The development of key messages for internal and external communications, including business continuity communications.
  • The development of a digital ‘crisis portal’ for the dissemination of information to all relevant parties.
  • The mechanics of informing stakeholders in changes of procedure, or cancellations to services.
  • Training/coaching spokespeople.
  • Writing/editing communiques.
Media Engagement

In this crisis, journalists are struggling under the pressures of shrinking resources and the importance of this story.

We work with journalists daily and have learnt from experience how we can best support them in this situation.

The benefit to our clients is that, with our help, journalists better understand their predicament. We do this by first understanding your situation and then developing a narrative and key messages that reflect it in a way journalists can appreciate. This can lead to a better outcome for everyone.

Social Media & Online Reviews – Monitoring and Responding

Ensure your online reputation is kept intact through this turbulent time. Many customers or clients may begin to leave negative comments/reviews on websites and social media.

We are communications specialists. We monitor all social and web channels (including Google Reviews, productreview.com.au, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and quickly respond to minimise negative comments, with the aim of repairing a damaged reputation.