Tony Nagy

Government Relations

Tony Nagy’s expertise was honed after an expansive career, covering time at Legal Aid, then as a journalist with The Age and also a decade in political advisory work in the offices of State and Federal Ministers.

Thereafter, Tony has spent nearly 20 years in corporate finance and corporate communications, working inside and advising investment banks on their government relations strategy to win key mandates as well as working on a range of IPOs.

At Wilkinson Butler, Tony is our Senior Government Relations Counsel. He shares our belief that the best approach is empowering and educating organisations to be their own conduit to government, guided by sound, strategic advice. Relationships with government are precious assets and they are best nurtured in-house.

As with all stakeholder relationship management, the key communications principles apply: listen actively, aim to be proactive rather than reactive, be patient and respond wisely and efficiently.

Passionate about helping organisations tackle the big issues, from responding to climate change to building sustainable, equitable communities, Tony believes communities are reflections of our values and the sum of the choices we all make each day.

Tony has a strong pro bono practice, proudly donating his skills to a range of causes including the Australian Lung Foundation and Child Road Pedestrian safety with the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation, of which he is a Board member.