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Dominic Perrottet. The power of a vision.  

Might he be a bright spark - the right person for the time?  Perrottet’s ‘Big NSW’ announcement was an unexpected vision, with associated reforms in tax and immigration.  

As Paul Keating opined in 2012, “The power of the big idea gathers with it its own momentum”. Most agree not many political leaders have one.  

There are lessons here for all leaders driving change - wishing to create their own firestorms. We can learn from the NSW Premier in the coming months. Armed with your vision, you need to be out building momentum, selling your message to your leadership team, staff, customers, investors and in Perrottet’s case, voters or consumers.  

Also, don’t get into the detail too early; listen carefully & debate, ideas will come back to help flesh out the detail and help you avoid the traps, and if the time is right people will get on board for the journey.  

Does Perrottet have a plan, or was it just for the headline? Is it ‘crash through or crash’? Time will tell. 

Gladys Berejiklian. You can’t be almost ethical.  

An unavoidable feature of business and political leaders – it’s not OK to be 95% ethical. All she had to do was declare the conflict and take a principled stand…  

It’s a pity: she’s a great communicator, across the detail, seemingly tireless, relatable and persuasive.  

Recovery for Berejiklian can be quick – flawed but well-liked and already forgiven by many – it will take an apology, to show the lesson is learnt. It may just be a stumble more than a fall. But there will be no room for repeats.   

Twiggy Forrest. Principles matter.

Leaders attract attention; success does that – an unavoidable consequence of a free press. There are a handful of people prepared to stand publicly on foundation principles, such as Twiggy, Alan Joyce, Mike Cannon-Brookes, and others. They are immune from the Tall Poppy Syndrome as long as they don’t misstep.

Take away: take a stand based on sound principles; don’t seek publicity, let it come to you; be confident without hubris; marry integrity with decency; make sure your stand is on the right side of history. Then inspire us all to be better.

(Header image source: Mamamia, 7 News, Financial Times)

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