Zachary Link

Senior Account Executive

Strategist, Creative, ideas person, people’s friend.

In short, I love to solve problems.

I enjoy thinking strategically and long term. I am a passionate advocate for intense and unflinching creative thought throughout each step of the strategic problem-solving process. With a dual degree in Media and Design (PR & Advertising) I have always sought to strike balance between reliable and logical planning and also ‘out of the box’ idea generation.

As Head of Research at Wilkinson Butler I understand the importance of clear and dependable information in the pursuit of truth. As it is only in the solid foundations of reliable and nuanced research that robust strategic frameworks can be built.

  • Building strategic frameworks
  • Research and administration
  • Digital media and advertising
  • Design software
  • Strategic problem solving
  • Art and design
  • Building and strengthening relationships
  • Politics
  • Current affairs and news