Wilkinson Butler

Code of Conduct

Wilkinson Butler

  1. Strives to adhere to the highest standards of accuracy, truth and transparency (and expects our clients to do the same); avoids extravagant claims and unfair comparisons; does not take credit for ideas and words borrowed from others.
  2. Strives to observe the highest standards in its business practice and the practice of public relations and public affairs, including adhering to state and federal lobbying codes of conduct.
  3. Respects Australia’s Rule of Law and will not look for short-cuts or ways to avoid our obligations.
  4. Acts sustainably and ethically in all activities, in line with the UN Global Compact, to which we are a signatory, and WB’s Sustainability Policy.
  5. Expects of ourselves the following behaviours: excellence, strong and honest relationships, creativity, nimbleness & lifelong learning.
  6. Aims to be a workplace of choice with a diversity of gender, race and views. We expect our clients and our staff to treat each other as they would want to be treated.
  7. Make no decisions on who we work with based on race, religion, sexuality or gender.
  8. Will act for or advise political and industry groups, and individuals, without aligning ourselves to any political organisation.
  9. Recognises the rate of change in communications is increasing and commits to staying ahead with: constantly innovating; constantly learning; constantly reviewing our processes; employing the best people; always striving to be better.

Client Relations

  1. ‘Efficiency with excellence’ and careful use of our clients’ money is central to our work, as is transparency with our fees.
  2. Will terminate working for a client immediately if a client is found to be deliberately misleading or deceiving us or its other stakeholders.
  3. Is conscious that some companies are controversial because their products or activities appear to do public damage, such as adversely affecting people’s health, general or financial wellbeing, or the environment. WB will consider working for such companies with caution, based on factors such as evidence of good governance, good corporate citizenship or a commitment to improve.
  4. Will treat with wariness any potential client that has been convicted of a crime or misconduct. WB will take into account the nature of the crime, whether the penalty has been paid, the time that has passed since the crime was committed, and evidence of remorse.
  5. Asks that new clients sign the WB client agreement, including this Code before commencing work, noting point #15.
  6. Amid a crisis or an emergency, the Agreement is to be signed as soon as practicable, in which case our work can commence after the fee structure is agreed to in writing by the client representative who accepts responsibility for payment.

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