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Crisis Management

Decades of experience advising hundreds of organisations across all sectors
Absolute discretion, a trusted partner to boards and executive teams
Over 50 years of combined experience in the Australian media landscape

Our team are Australia’s leading crisis communications experts

Industry leaders in crisis communications and issues management, with experience across all sectors including; SMEs, not-for-profits, ASX-listed, and some of the world’s largest multinationals.

Wilkinson Butler has navigated all manner of crises, including:
Media and social media storms
Notifiable data breaches
Cyber Attacks
Litigation Support
Industrial Relations
Workplace Issues
Government and Regulatory Issues
Workplace injuries and accidents
Natural Disasters
Royal Commissions and Parliamentary Inquiries
Celebrity Scandals
Hostile Takeovers
Governance and Leadership Disputes

Our experts

Peter Wilkinson


- Strategic Crisis Counsel
- 30 years in broadcast media
- Guided hundreds of organisations through crisis

Andrew Butler

Managing Director

- Integrated communications strategist

- A wealth of litigation and regulatory experience

- Government and Stakeholder Engagement

What we do

Providing all-round support for you


24/7 Crisis Advice & Support

Immediate communications assistance in your hour of need when you’re facing intense media, public and stakeholder scrutiny. High-level strategic council and tactical assistance in fast-paced environments with in-depth political and community expectations knowledge.


AdWord Data Breach Crisis

WilkinsonButler is an industry leader in crisis communications and issues management, with experience across all sectors, including SMEs, not-for-profits,ASX-listed, and some of the world’s largest multinationals.


Crisis Preparedness

The best way of avoiding a crisis is practice: crisis rehearsals. It ensures:

- Nimble strategy design and tactical responses. 
- Board and management unity under pressure.
- Rapid message preparation.
- A prepared spokesperson.
- Media and social media preparedness.


Culture Change & Disruption

Change is hard – possibly the greatest leadership challenge. Despite that, there is a process, and we have extensive experience in the communications involved. It starts at the top and then, for some, it’s motivating teams. From there it can extend to being customer-focused, or the hard work of community engagement. We study, research and constantly discuss what is genuine change versus the latest ‘bright shiny toy’, to ensure we, and our clients, stay ahead.


Media Training

Based on 50 years of journalistic experience in Australia’s leading newsrooms, Wilkinson Butler conducts media and presentation training for executives and high-profile individuals to ensure they’re prepared and confident spokespeople during the fiercest of interviews.


Leadership & Board Guidance

Peter Wilkinson counsels leaders on the communication strategies to achieve business goals and ‘raise the bar’.


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