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Expert Communications Partner in a Data Breach

Decades of crisis communications experience, advising hundreds of organisations
Helped manage large-scale notifiable data breaches as well as lower-profile breaches
Support you to navigate the complexities and uncertainty innate to data breaches

Crisis Experts With Large and Small-Scale Data Breach Experience

Wilkinson Butler is an industry leader in crisis communications and issues management, with experience across all sectors, including SMEs, not-for-profits, ASX-listed, and some of the world’s largest multinationals.

We’ve managed communications amid cyber breaches involving hundreds of thousands of affected consumers requiring large-scale integrated communications campaigns to smaller breaches but still involving a few hundred of an organisation’s most valued customers.

Role of Communications & Public Relations in a Cyber Breach

Whether deemed a notifiable data breach or not, effective public relations amid a cyber breach can mean the difference between an existential crisis for your organisation or a well-managed issue that maintains relationships with your most valued stakeholders.  

Wilkinson Butler is highly experienced in multidisciplinary teams, including lawyers, forensic experts, CTOs and ICT leaders, executive members and HR.

We provide strategic counsel on organisations' response amid a breach and tactical support in developing communications assets tailored to specific stakeholder groups.

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Our Value

We Can Help You,
Your Executive and Board

Develop a strategic response consistent with your values and expectations of your stakeholders.
Tailor communications to each and every stakeholder group.
Develop messages to affected parties tailored to the data compromised, which is rarely uniform across impacted stakeholders.
Draw upon tactics and approaches successful in other breaches.
With peace of mind in managing the uncertainty so often associated with data breaches as you work to discover the data compromised.
Get back to business as usual as soon as possible.

Make your
challenges ours.

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