Wilkinson Butler is a Corporate Affairs firm focused on mitigating risk of loss of value, building and protecting reputations and influencing change. We are able to guide you through crises, or sustained and potentially crippling issues.

What can we help you achieve?

Wilkinson Butler has a heritage in the tough end of corporate affairs, chiefly crisis and issues management, and we work tirelessly to improve the reputations of our clients.

We also specialise in several tangenial areas, including corporate governance, advocacy campaigns, media relations, reputation management, investor relations, government relations, sports crisis, community engagement, social media, website development, digital advertising and lead generation.

Crisis Management

– 24/7 Advice & Support
– Crisis Communications / PR
– Crisis Preparedness
– Media & Social
– Leadership & Board Guidance
– Disruption & Transformation

Corporate Affairs

– Media & Social
– Issues Management
– Government Relations
– Community Relations
– Investor Relations
– Stakeholder Engagement

Media Relations

– Media Strategy
– Media Engagement
– Social Media
– Content Creation
– Integrated Campaigns

Reputation Management

– Online Reputation Audit
– Search Engine Results
– Reputation Repair Strategy
– Web Development
– Social Media
– Online Reviews

Media Training

– Understanding Journalists
– Determining Benefit/Risk
– Use of Messages
– Best Interview Techniques
– Developing Media Relations

Sports Crisis

– Crisis Management
– Reputation Management
– Media Training
– Crisis Preparedness
– Media Engagement

Government Relations

– Government Engagement
– Federal, State & Local
– Policy Development
– Advocacy
– Integrated Campaigns

Investor Relations

– Shareholder Engagement
– IPO, M&A’s, Equity Raisings & Takeovers
– Issues Management & Crisis Preparedness
– Corporate Compliance & ASX Requirements
– Board Governance

Litigation Support

– Class Actions
– Media Engagement
– Social Media
– Lead Generation / Book Building
– Website Development
– Media Training

Meet Your Support Network

Our staff are all experts in their fields, and here to help you whenever you like.

Click on their headshots to learn more about them.

Andrew Butler

Andrew Butler

Managing Director

Vessa Playfair

Vessa Playfair

Corporate Affairs & Investor Relations

Sam Wilkinson

Sam Wilkinson

Head of Digital

Nick Albrow

Nick Albrow

Director & Head of Sustainability

Liam Cox

Sports Director & Senior Consultant

Nick Jarvis

Government Relations

Mark Abernethy

Mark Abernethy

Writer & Author

Andy Quan

Andy Quan

Writer & Editor

Fred El Harris

Fred El Harris

Filmmaker & Producer

Zachary Link

Research Lead

Quick Take: Episode 14

Community Engagement Tips as part of Bushfire Recovery Programs

As we move into the difficult, slow and frustrating recovery phase of the Australian bushfire catastrophe, Community Liaison techniques that we’ve learned from working with some mining, infrastructure and construction companies can be useful. In those sectors, feedback to the companies on community concerns about developments are aided by Community Liaison Officers and Community Liaison Committees (CLCs). It’s important to properly utilise both traditional and social media.

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