Sam Wilkinson

Head of Digital
Sam is a leading specialist in reputation management, and the best point of contact at Wilkinson Butler for those seeking to ‘move the needle’ digitally.


Sam is a leading expert in reputation management, and the best point of contact for those seeking to 'move the needle' digitally - whether that be helping individuals or brands improve how they appear online, branding and marketing, campaigning and advocacy, corporate governance, social responsibility and creating shared value, sustainability initiatives, thought-leadership, or developing social license around key issues.

Sam spends most of his time leading a talented team of digital specialists who are adept at reaching both broad and highly targeted audiences online with compelling and engaging content.

He and his team, in collaboration with WB's wider team, develop communication and reputation-centric strategies, often for progressive initiatives, complex issues, or crisis response – leveraging digital, traditional media, and stakeholder relationships to influence reputational change for clients. Much of their work has a strong focus on supporting the broader pillars of a communications strategy, supporting media engagement, industry and government relations, stakeholder communications, awareness initiatives and other similar activities. Sam and the team often collaborate closely with top law firms and media lawyers in Australia.

A significant focus of his team is building the profile and trust of companies, brands, and business leaders.

His team members have deep experience across all key areas of digital. Some focus on content, social media, SEO, and other aspects of digital marketing, while others focus on creative production, videography, design, and building beautiful web destinations.

Additionally, Sam works pro-bono for the Alliance for Journalists' Freedom, advocating for media freedom and the safety of journalists.

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