Media & social media training

Be understood,
not interpreted

The purpose of media and social media training is to ensure you are understood, not interpreted. 
Trained by experienced experts
Wilkinson Butler’s media training is led by Peter WilkinsonPeter Wilkinsonand Liam Cox Liam Coxwho have over 50-years of experience working as journalists, asking the tough questions for Australia’s leading TV news and radio programs.

Peter and Liam work with leading journalists across the country on a daily basis and use inside industry knowledge to train the country’s top executives to perform at their best in the media.  

An image of Peter Wilkinson and Liam Cox
Years of experience

The pathway to get there

Our media training covers key skills for interviews across television, print, radio and online media.

Our in-house production team includes a camera operator to record and playback mock interviews in real-time to ensure you receive practical and constructive advice. 

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