Corporate Affairs

In this complex communications era, protecting and building a company’s reputation requires increased thoughtfulness and resources. That’s where we come in.

We are constantly looking at cleverer ways to improve stakeholder relations: with customers, employees and other audiences. To stand apart some companies take a profile on key social issues.

Strategy matters. We have decades of experience advising companies – from major multinationals to rapid-growth start-ups – on how to successfully design corporate communications programs.

Execution on time, on budget. We have the breadth of experience to integrate corporate communications disciplines: stakeholder discovery, media relations, social and digital media engagement; and in public affairs: government relations, community relations and other stakeholder engagements.

We develop public affairs and media strategies, providing clients with the intelligence and tactics to understand and navigate Australia’s political and media landscape.

Media & Social

Aiming to build your profile in traditional and social media? Do you need a strategy that reaches digital, print and broadcast media? Wilkinson Butler helps clients understand media, and develop stories that have traction and engagement with journalists and online followers.

Issues Management

Are you battling a sensitive issue within your business that has the potential to cause reputational damage? Do you need support establishing a strategy to manage and mitigate issues and reputational risk?

Issues management is a cornerstone of Corporate Affairs. Wilkinson Butler has extensive expertise in:

  • identifying and managing potentially crippling issues early
  • crisis preparedness and media training in anticipation of an issue escalating to a crisis
  • crisis communications when a crisis occurs.

We have decades of experience across a broad range of industries.

Government Relations

Struggling to understand how to engage government stakeholders? Looking for strategic guidance in your Government Relations or tactical assistance? Wilkinson Butler routinely assists organisations with complex asks of Government.

Community Relations

Building stakeholder relationships with local communities can be difficult: each community has its particular complexities. Our approach is diligent, careful, and sensitive, and has been honed over decades of similar engagement work.

We’re strong proponents of ethical lobbying practices and always abiding by the registers across Federal and State jurisdictions.

Stakeholder Engagement

Consistent, concise and constant communications in now the demand. We are all under pressure to better understand and communicate with our key stakeholders. A breakdown in relationships with one or more stakeholder groups is the cause of many issues.

Social licence: Successfully engaging stakeholders is vital to the success of most major projects, often necessitating a formal change management process.