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Proactive Data Breach Preparation

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Expert Communications Partner in Preparing for a Data Breach

Decades of crisis communications experience with hundreds of organisations
Helped manage large-scale notifiable data breaches as well as lower-profile breaches
From strategic counsel to boards to tactical tips for frontline comms staff: we can assist at all levels

Helping You Prepare for a Data Breach

Cyber breaches manifest differently, so preparing for every potential event is impossible. That said, we can help your organisation be better prepared in the event of a data breach. Wilkinson Butler has first-hand experience of the factors that have helped and hindered organisations amid a data breach, especially those that helped preserve their reputation among their most valued stakeholders.

Wilkinson Butler is an Industry leader in crisis communications and issues management, with experience across all sectors, including SMEs, not-for-profits, ASX-listed, and some of the world’s largest multinationals.

We’ve managed communications amid cyber breaches involving hundreds of thousands of affected consumers requiring large-scale integrated communications campaigns to minor-scale data breaches involving a few hundred of an organisation’s most valued customers.

Our Managing Director and Chair are graduates of the Australian Institute of Company Directors Course, and approach cyber security challenges as much through a governance mindset as a tactical communications challenge.

Role of Communications & Public Relations in a Cyber Breach

Whether deemed a notifiable data breach or not, effective public relations amid a cyber breach can mean the difference between an existential crisis for your organisation to a mild and forgivable inconvenience for your most valued stakeholders.

Wilkinson Butler is highly experienced in multidisciplinary teams, including lawyers, forensic experts, CTOs and ICT leaders, executive members and HR.

We provide strategic counsel on organisations' response amid a breach and tactical support in developing communications assets tailored to specific stakeholder groups.

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Our Value

We Can Help You,
Your Executive and Board

Our frontline experience amid data breaches can help you prepare, if not prevent, many of the challenges commonly encountered ahead of time.
Decades of experience managing crises and preparing organisations to be crisis-ready.
We can connect you with the multidisciplinary team needed to support organisations amid a cyber security event.
Full spectrum of strategic and tactical support, from counsel to your board to comms advice to frontline staff.
Can run data breach training scenarios to pressure test your teams, systems and processes.

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