Suzie Massih

Strategic Communications Consultant
Suzie has extensive experience in the corporate, NGO, and political industries, combining her passions in communications, policy research and social justice to deliver organisational objectives.


Suzie’s professional journey began in the media broadcasting industry where she was able to develop and implement communication strategies, working with varied clients and stakeholders to introduce movies and cartoons beloved across Australia and New Zealand. 


Suzie was then able to carry the disciplines honed in her communications role and work for a not-for-profit organisation where she advocated for prevalent human rights matters to local, state, and federal Governments.

With growing interests and experience in community representation, relationship management, and strategising communications proposals, Suzie was able to work across the State and Federal Parliament. Working within the fast-paced and often unpredictable realm of politics allowed her to campaign and better deliver outcomes for differing stakeholders to best suit their key interests.


The most important factor in Suzie’s work ethos is representing the people and the stories that connect us all together - the stories that shape the future narrative of Australia.

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