Why Aren’t You Taking Your LinkedIn Strategy Seriously?

For businesses, LinkedIn is currently the single most interesting digital platform on the internet.

For businesses, LinkedIn is currently the single most interesting digital platform on the internet. Why? Because right at this moment, there is a remarkable arbitrage of organic reach on LinkedIn that can build your reputation and help you get what you want. LinkedIn has an enormous audience, and the supply of audience is far outstripping the ‘demand’ for content. As a result, LinkedIn’s reach is currently so effective that you could have ten followers, make a post, and 500 people will see it. A decade ago, LinkedIn was a utility for finding and building resumes – but today, reputations are being built at scale on LinkedIn by B2B businesses who have never really had a home for content until now, backed by an algorithm that is generating reach and brand awareness on an unbelievable level.

This means, folks, that LinkedIn is ready to be taken advantage of. To build your personal and company brand, strengthen your reputation and drive business leads and sales.  

So how can you get started?  

What should you be doing to reach the right audience and truly connect?  

How can you build a Powerful. LinkedIn. Strategy?

Here’s how.

Firstly, social is not search. When Wilkinson Butler works with clients on LinkedIn, this is one of the fundamental lessons we explain. Building a brand on LinkedIn is not telling the audience the top 10 facts about your company and calling it a day. You’ve got to think of LinkedIn as a seamless extension or representation of brand – and brand, as we know, basically comes down to how another human being feels about you. Content then becomes the language businesses, and people, speak on social media like LinkedIn to influence how users feel when they see their name.  

Here’s how Wilkinson Butler tackles LinkedIn in four steps:

  1. We distil personal or business brands down to the simplest form and understand what success looks like for them.
  2. We update LinkedIn profiles to communicate their brand effectively and deliver an extraordinary impression.
  3. We build an outreach program and posting schedule to instil habits focused on building networks through new connections.
  4. We build a content strategy, which is by far the most exciting and important part of connecting with the right audience in a meaningful way.

Because no matter your business, content is your single most important opportunity to deliver on LinkedIn’s reach potential and influence the incredible amounts of consumption and B2B decision-making occurring daily.  

So, you’ve got to figure out:

  1. what you’re capable of producing, in terms of written, audio, video or visual content,
  2. what you get enjoyment out of, so you’re committed to maintaining a LinkedIn content strategy,
  3. what is authentic, unique and will drive value toward the end-user or consumer, and
  4. what has the most margin in terms of building and selling a reputation.

While remembering to do the following:

  1. Post constantly and take risks. This allows you to test what resonates, what your audience finds invaluable. Repeat those content pillars.
  2. Make connections. Lots of them. The more connections you have, and the more connections they have, the more reach your posts will get.  
  3. Reply to comments and generate conversations. This builds affinity with your personal brand, while sending signals to LinkedIn that your content is creating meaningful interactions, by which LinkedIn will reward you by showing your content to more of your audience.  

LinkedIn is a hugely viable business development portal – and it’s to be taken seriously. For service and product providers, for CEO’s and spokespeople. Do the above, be ambitious, be creative, and be patient – and LinkedIn can become your top sales channel.  

(Header image source: Gabriel Varaljay)

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